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For more than 25 years,  DevaCurl has been caring for waves, curls and coils. But as clients’ needs evolve, so do products. Both professionals and consumers alike are expressing themselves in different ways—color, braids, twists, blowouts and straightening DevaCurl calls this Curl Flexibility, by the way.

Now, the brand has announced enhanced products and added new categories that can do more to meet the needs for healthy-looking hair. Welcome to DevaCurl 3.0!


DevaCurl® is committed to being kind to the environment, by integrating more recycled materials into new packaging. The majority of our new bottles are made from 50% recycled ocean-bound plastic to reduce our eco-footprint. In addition, we have some bottles made from 50% as well as 35% recycled plastic. All tubes are made from 30% recycled post-consumer resin (PCR). All of our bottles, tubes and aluminum cans are recyclable. We will continue to explore opportunities to reduce the negative environmental impact of our packaging.

DevaCurl has always adapted to meet the changing needs of those who rely on our products every day. This relaunch is an exciting next step in an evolution of our products that spans more than 25 years. Our understanding of how our consumers’ needs and styling habits change is what has always made these moments of growth possible. The new dermatologist co-developed, stylist-approved DevaCurl products will give curly-haired consumers more Curl Flexibility™ than ever.

The Deva Curl concept was first introduced when they opened their first salon in 1994. 

In 2002, Deva Curl products were launched - they created an easy to use and healthy product that was

100 % SULFATE, PARABEN AND SILICON FREE.   The first product introduced to the public was called No-Poo Original. 

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