We have resumed Salon services in accordance with the NYS safety requirements.  To be compliant with these guidelines, we have made the following changes to our day to day operations.  Please review and follow these instructions. (if you have any questions please contact us)

Prior to entering the salon:


  • Please wait on the front porch until your stylist indicates that it is ok to come inside.

  • Please come to your appointment alone or have family members/friends wait in the car.  Only the person receiving services can come inside.

  • No food or outside drinks are permitted inside the salon.

  • Please leave all belongings locked in your vehicle.

  • The front door will be used for salon ENTRANCE only.  Please exit out the side door.


Once inside the salon:

  • You will be directed to an available sink and asked to wash your hands.  Gloves are available if any clients wish to wear them while in the salon.

  • All clients will be REQUIRED to fill out and sign a COVID-19 Pandemic Hair and Treatment Consent Form.

  • Hand sanitizer will be located throughout the salon.

  • Masks must be worn at all times.  The mask must stay on the entire time you are physically in the salon.  Please keep in mind your service provider may ask you to un-hook/hold/move your mask during your service but, it must remain covering your mouth and nose at all times.  Our staff will be wearing a mask and a face shield during your entire appointment as well.

  • Please refrain from conversation at the sink while having your hair washed or rinsed.  Consider this a quiet zone.

  • Please note there has been a small increase in colored services – See an updated price list at the salon.

  • Touchless payment options are preferred (Venmo), but all will be accepted.

  • No retail products will be available on shelves.  Please contact your stylist ahead of time for requests.

  • Please EXIT through our side door and down the ramp.


We look forward to seeing you soon.